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Boodi is an artisanal jewellery brand founded by London based, ethical jewellery designer Sarah Marafie. Born and raised in the Middle East her Kuwaiti background and love of traipsing markets with her English mother for old, tarnished Arabic ornaments, jewels and rugs has had a strong influence on her. Home was an Aladdin’s cave of treasures, on display and in cupboards. Rummaging through these finds, as well as her mothers jewellery box, grew into a fascination for discovering objects, treasures and trinkets, fantasising on tales of their journey.


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Imbued with the spirit of unearthed primeval hoards, Boodi jewellery encapsulates the symbols of civilisations passed. Sarah brings together her fascination with ancient cultures and an ethos of positivity. Exotic amulets hold spiritual messages; the elements are revered; animals represent freedom, the future, and what we might be if only we could be so bold.

Growing organically in her London garden shed, Sarah Marafie’s own designs are hand carved from wax and cast in recycled silver and brass. In the designs, delicate sapphires and citrines blossom on fruitful trees and bring accents of vibrant life to sparkling sun rays, moons and stars, or the carved landscape of mountain peaks with animals running wild and free. Her popular coin collection is created using old currency. Sourcing only the coins that depict animals or nature, Sarah repurposes them into wearable pendants.

Symbolism plays a vital role in the Boodi concept. In Sarah’s jewellery, her symbolism represents love and compassion, will power and mindfulness, freedom and adventure.




Sarah believes the things you use, wear, eat and consume have a form of presence and effect in your life, therefore it is important that each piece of jewellery comes from a place of peace and positive intention. The metals are recycled from scraps so that no unnecessary mining has taken place, which can be harmful to the environment. Each gemstone is sourced from mines where working conditions for the miners are as safe and environmentally friendly as possible, with no child labour. Boodi only uses ethical, traceable, conflict free, fairly traded gemstones.

From the source, to the message, to the purpose, Boodi is more than a collection of jewellery; it represents a mindful way of living.




Sarah has a deep love for animals and their welfare, which started as a child at home, rescuing stray cats and dogs in Kuwait and throughout her life, alongside her mother. When asked at school, what she would be when she grew up, Sarah would answer, “Someone who cares for animals.” Animal welfare is an important factor in the Boodi purpose.

Animals loom large in all ancient cultures. In Boodi’s collections animals convey freedom, compassion, new life and protection. 5% of all Boodi profits are donated to Animal Equality UK.

In the Boodi philosophy all life should be treated with respect, and animals should run wild, swim far and fly freely, like the human spirit.

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