Love yourself first

Love yourself first

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For the first Boodi blog post… its a bit of a deep one… but leading up to Valentines day I thought it was a great one!

Valentines Day should be a day of love and giving to all, including loving yourself, not just your smelly partner 😉

I thought I’d start with my enlightened journey of giving and feeling more positivity for myself, my life and inevitably for others.

7 years ago I was given a dvd called The Secret at a time I REALLY needed it. I had been feeling really low for quite a while, I had no goals or direction and felt pretty much alone. I still look back and remember the exact time I watched The Secret, what the room looked like, where I was sitting and I still can’t believe the almost instant uplifted feeling I had and the power I felt whilst watching it. I couldn’t be more grateful for it coming into my life. I felt like it WAS a secret that too many people didn’t know. Even with its all American cheese, I was instantly elevated. I needed some cheese in my life!! I went out, bought the book by Rhonda Byrne and kept it in my bag everyday for about a year or so, picking it up on bus journeys, waiting for things and every night before I went to bed. I still do from time to time.


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I started what they call a gratitude list and a visualisation book. Once I started my gratitude list I realised how lucky I really was and how many things I didn’t appreciate and took for granted. This shifted my energy completely towards everything and I immediately felt so much more positive. Even if things weren’t right at that moment in time, I knew they would be. Something that alway stuck out was the idea of ALLOWING things to happen and KNOWING things will come to you if you want them. Not worrying about them, pushing them away and thinking negatively about something that is totally possible.

Why wouldn’t it be possible?


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The Secret led me onto other amazing books such as ‘The Key to Living the Law of Attraction’ by Jack Canfield. Another revelation! In this book he breaks down areas of your life and helps you look at what really brings you joy in life, that feeling of complete exhilaration and excitement. It helps you think about how you can focus on doing more of those things, not just in your spare time, but ALL the time, for a living, and at the same time helping people or causes you feel passionate about, again, through doing what brings you the most joy in life. My thoughts really started to change a lot and what I wanted in life became so clear.


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I now TRY to live my whole life by ‘the secret.’ Always keeping in mind to be grateful, always trying to think positive, getting rid of those ‘no you can’t’ or ‘no it won’t happen’ thoughts. Giving, giving, giving, because the more you give, the more positive energy you release and the more positive energy you will receive.

Sending out lots of LOVE, POSITIVITY and CHEESE to everyone this Valentines Day!! 

Love yourself first!

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