Ancient Boodi Necklace


The Ancient Boodi necklace is a grounding amulet, serving as a reminder to look up and beyond our close surroundings.

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At Boodi every piece is handmade to order and will be delivered within 10 working days. If we have it in stock and ready to go, it will get to you within a few days. For gold plated and gemstone items, they will be delivered within 15 - 20 working days. Please do get in touch if you need it by a certain date.

Ancient Boodi Necklace

Symbols played a vital role in ancient Egyptian culture. They were written on temple walls and obelisks and used in magical and religious rituals. They were also used to document the events, culture and spiritual beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Inspired by these symbols and ancient Egyptian culture, Boodi has created its own cartouche to encompass all of Boodi and our own beliefs. The Ancient Boodi necklace is a grounding amulet.  The pyramids at the bottom serve as a reminder to look up and beyond our close surroundings. A reminder that not only are the sun, moon and stars always there to guide and support us, but beyond them a wide universe, taking us out of ourselves and bringing our awareness to the things that really matter. At the top is the symbol of an animal, taken from an animal cave drawing. Animal welfare and equality is the drive behind Boodi. The Boodi purpose. To spread awareness, help, support and donate as much as we can to charities that are working towards improving animal welfare and rights and bringing about a peaceful world for animals.


Boodi jewellery is committed to ethically sourcing all of its materials. It is important that each amulet comes from a place of peace and positive intention. The metals are recycled so that no unnecessary mining has taken place which can be harmful to the environment. Each gemstone is sourced from mines where working conditions for the miners are as safe and environmentally friendly as possible, with no child labour. We work closely with our suppliers to maintain an ethical and sustainable brand and our suppliers work closely with the gemstone miners.

The citrine and white sapphires set in the Aurelia moon pendant are traceable to mines in Sri Lanka.


Each piece of Boodi jewellery is beautifully presented in branded black and gold recycled and recyclable gift boxes with acid free recycled tissue paper. We are proudly plastic free.


The Ancient Boodi necklace is carefully hand carved using the lost wax process and cast from recycled sterling silver, hanging on a sterling silver chain.

Gold plated options are available from the drop down menu.

Chains are not yet currently available in recycled precious metals but we are always on the look out for new ethical developments.


Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt*


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Sterling Silver, Gold Plated


16", 18", 20"

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