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Symbol Necklace


The Symbol necklace comes in three styles to choose from, each with their own special meaning; Empanda, Min and Self Love.

Delivery time
At Boodi every piece is handmade to order and will be delivered within 10 working days. If we have it in stock and ready to go, it will get to you within a few days. For gold plated and gemstone items, they will be delivered within 15 - 20 working days. Please do get in touch if you need it by a certain date.

Symbol Necklace

The Symbol necklaces come in three styles to choose from, each with their own special meaning.

Empanda Symbol

Empanda is a symbol close to my heart and used in many Boodi pieces. The symbol itself is an ancient symbol created from a crescent moon and sun, which I have represented as a figure holding a baby. The name Empanda is the Roman Goddess of openness, friendliness and generosity, whose temple never closed to those in need.

The Empanda charm represents the unbreakable bond and ever lasting love that exists between a parent and a child.

Measurement: 1.5 cm length / 1.1 cm width / 1 mm depth


Self Love Symbol

The Self Love symbol is a West African symbol called Duafe, depicting a wooden comb and representing femininity, love and care. The symbol belongs to the Asante (Ashanti) people, and can also represent good hygiene and being well groomed.

Here, I use it as a symbol for self love. Celebrating, honouring and caring for ourselves is so important. Important for our bodies, our emotions and our mental health. It’s also important for our loved ones and others around us, because the better we look after ourselves, the better we can look after others.

Measurements: 1.2 cm length / 1.1 cm width / 1 mm depth


Min symbol

Min was among the oldest of the deities worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. Perceived as a deity of fertility and male sexuality.

The Boodi Min charm honours a new conscious masculine. A new wave of male energy representing strength in vulnerability, love in listening, and wisdom in surrendering.

Measurement: 1.7 cm length / 1.1 cm width / 1 mm depth

It is important that each piece of jewellery comes from a place of peace and positive intention. With this always in mind, Boodi jewellery is committed to ethically sourcing all of its materials.

So that no unnecessary mining has taken place, which can be harmful to the environment, the metals are recycled from scraps. Each gemstone is traceable and sourced from mines where working conditions are as safe as possible and environmentally friendly. Child labour is not permitted at these mines. Our suppliers work very closely with the gemstone miners and we work closely with our suppliers to maintain an ethical and sustainable brand.


Boodi jewellery packaging is plastic free and presented in a branded, black and gold, recycled gift box with recycled acid free tissue paper. We use cardboard postal box envelopes.


The Symbol charms were originally hand made and are now cast in recycled sterling silver or brass.

Gold plated options are also available. Select what material and combination you would like from the drop down menu.

The gold plating is a quality layer of 24 karat yellow gold over recycled sterling silver.


Items can be returned within 7 days of receipt.

Earrings can not be returned.

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Additional Information

Sterling Silver, Brass charm with silver chain, Gold Plated, Solid 9k gold


Empanda, Self Love, Min


16", 18", 20"

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