Torc Rope Necklace


Inspired by many of the finest works of ancient Celtic art; the torc necklace.

A powerful symbol and important piece of Celtic jewellery.

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Torc Rope Necklace

Inspired by many of the finest works of ancient Celtic art; the torc necklace. The Torc Rope necklace is simple yet powerful; a solid piece of jewellery, simply fastened with one ornate hook.

The Torc (also spelled Torque), or neck ring, was an important piece of Celtic jewelry, and was worn before 1200 BC to as late as 600 AD. It was a powerful symbol and was often complemented with additional rings worn about the arms and wrists.

As well as symbolic power, torcs were said to have mythical or supernatural powers for the Celts. They are often depicted in Celtic art being held or worn by deities, and they also pop up in several ancient Irish stories. Torcs were also thought to act as talismans, offering protection from evil forces, which explains why they were worn into battle. Torcs were highly prized items for this reason and top of the list of coveted gold if the Celts were ever defeated. Some have been found broken into pieces by opponents who possibly feared their powers.


Boodi jewellery is committed to ethically sourcing all of its materials. It is important that each amulet comes from a place of peace and positive intention. The metals are recycled so that no unnecessary mining has taken place which can be harmful to the environment. Each gemstone is sourced from mines where working conditions for the miners are as safe and environmentally friendly as possible, with no child labour. We work closely with our suppliers to maintain an ethical and sustainable brand and our suppliers work closely with the gemstone miners.


Each piece of Boodi jewellery is beautifully presented in branded black and gold recycled and recyclable gift boxes with acid free recycled tissue paper. We are proudly plastic free.


The Torc necklace is cast from recycled sterling silver.

For gold plated options, select from the drop down menu.

The rope style pieces are weighty solid pieces made from recycled sterling silver. They are not hollow. This is a solid quality piece, made to last forever.


Returns are accepted within 7 days after receipt

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Sterling Silver, Gold Plated

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