Wild Spirit Signet Ring


Inspired by deer in ancient cave drawings, the Wild Spirit signet ring represents the love and respect of all forms of animals.

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At Boodi every piece is handmade to order and will be delivered within 10 working days. If we have it in stock and ready to go, it will get to you within a few days. For gold plated and gemstone items, they will be delivered within 15 - 20 working days. Please do get in touch if you need it by a certain date.

Inspired by deer drawings on ancient cave art, the Wild Spirit Signet Ring represents the love and respect of all forms of animals; human and non human.

No matter how different another person looks or speaks, ALL life should be treated with love and respect and above all, has the right to freedom. Feathers, scales, fur or skin; we all want and deserve to live a wild, free, and happy life in peace.


The Wild Spirit signet ring was carefully hand carved in wax, and cast from recycled sterling silver or brass.


It is important that each piece of jewellery comes from a place of peace and positive intention. With this always in mind, Boodi jewellery is committed to ethically sourcing all of its materials.

So that no unnecessary mining has taken place, which can be harmful to the environment, the metals are recycled from scraps. Any gemstones are traceable and sourced from mines where working conditions are as safe as possible and environmentally friendly. Child labour is not permitted at these mines. Our suppliers work very closely with the gemstone miners and we work closely with our suppliers to maintain an ethical and sustainable brand.


Boodi jewellery packaging is plastic free and presented in a branded, black and gold, recycled gift box with recycled acid free tissue paper.


Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt*


Matching Wild Spirit Charm and Wild Spirit Earrings are also available.

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E, E1/2, F, F1/2, G, G1/2, H, H1/2, I, I1/2, J, J1/2, K, K1/2, L, L1/2, M, M1/2, N


Sterling Silver, Brass

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